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Its hard to describe a scene of a whole country and I can't really speak for the “scene”, if such a thing exists. Mexico is a very divided country, you can actually recognize the different types of Mexico where people feel and act differently in relation to their respective geographic area, north-center-south.

I live in the north part of Mexico where the scene is very small, not many gigs going on. The closest to a hardcore show that we can get is crossing the border to California or maybe some local shows at Tijuana and Monterrey. Here it is easier to find ska and punk shows or kids playing “metalcore” or whatever they play.

Distrito Federal (Mexico City), being one of the biggest cities of the world and the whole center part of Mexico, is where you can find a scene. There are promoters and some typical venues but even there the scene is divided in groups.

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Real (Guadalajara)

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Soldier (Queretaro)

Atoxxico (Mexico City)

Propia Actitud (Mexico City)

Tiempo de Afrontar (Mexico City)

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