Friday, 8 January 2010

Hungary - Budapest (Part 3)

I see no point in listing every Hungarian band ever (even if I could), so I will cut this in two parts. First part, active Hungarian DIY hardcore bands, support them if you have a chance.

New Dead Project (Budapest)

PFA (Veszprem)

Plan Beer(Veszprem)

Formyfriends (Budapest)

Libido Wins (Csongrad)

Penalty Kick (Budapest)

Sedative Bang (Budapest)

Motivation (Budapest)

Tango Underground (Eger)

Liberal Youth (Savaria)

Tisztán A Cél Felé (Eger)

Don’t Say A Word (Budapest)

Social Free Face (Savaria)

United Side

Karate Kid (Budapest)

Second part, albums that are worth listening to...

Newborn - In These Desperate Days...
a defining EP for European hardcore and the best example for using metallic elements in totally hardcore songs

Marina Revue - Sikoly a mából (demo)
1985 demo of the first Hungarian hardcore band. As punk was prohibited under the communist rule, they were not allowed to record their songs in a studio, therefore the quality is shit, but the songs are still great.

Bridge to Solace - Of Bitterness And Hope
First and best BTS album, meatallic hardcore at its best.

Something Against You - 11 songs about kids without fate
Modern band, eighties sound, intelligent personal lyrics and one of the best DIY bands that were around here.

New Dead Project - This means everything
Modern band, eighties sound, intelligent political lyrics and one of the best DIY bands still around here.

Hold X True - Nothing can destroy me nothing can stop me
A legendary band, started in the nineties and have just broken up. This EP contains the ultimate Hungarian hardcore anthem, One and the same.

Redlineoffside - Élünk, felejtünk, újrahasznosítunk
A Hungarian perspective on the Lifetime / Kid Dynamite sound. And a Marina revue cover at the end.

The Idoru - Monologue
Melodic hardcore / punk with a really special taste.


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  1. Frank is not so positive...

    Dude, hungarian hardcore is dead. That's all I can say.
    We have just a few hardcore bands around here and when there's a real hardcore show with no crap (sometimes with foreign bands) then nobody goes there, just the usual ppl. What people need around here is thrash, flipped up caps and shit like that. Furthermore we haven't had a sxe band since october, 2009.