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The city where I was born and raised is totally off the scene/gigs except for two bands: Zlodzieje Rowerow (ZxRx) and Oreiro. The first one is really old and is the most popular band from 'East Wall' (east side of Poland). But no one is interested in putting on gigs in my town and probably there are just a few people who know something about the hardcore scene, young people in small towns usually listen to rap.

I'm studying in Warsaw. The scene here is quite strong, if there's a gig with a famous band such as Integrity or Bane, the place is full of hckids. Local bands usually gain a small audience. Gigs are put on in such pubs as 'Dobra Karma', 'Radio Luxembourg', sometimes in 'Centralny Basen Artystyczny', 'Progresja' and 'No Mercy' or a squat called 'Elba' etc. This usually happens about once a week.

Once in a year, near Warsaw, in Piaseczno there is hcfest called Open Hardcore Fest where you can meet people from all around Poland, try vegetarian food, take a look at art galleries, buy something from merchandisers and listen to music.

Something about the community is that there is new phenomenon, rich 'hckids' who want to show how tough they are! It's such a funny thing!

My opinion is that there is strong sense of community, but people need some ignition to unite. A few weeks ago, there was a sad situation: a child of one gigs organisers got really sick (some kind of cancer as far as I know) so people all around Poland organised about 20 gigs just to raise cash for medical care for this young boy. Brilliant, bands were playing for free.

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