Monday, 11 January 2010

US - Oxnard & Ventura County

The biggest band outta here is The Warriors.

We still have some bands keeping it going strong. Here are some links:





We have a local hardcore scene, we like to call nard core (oxNARD hard CORE). The first two bands still rep this hard.

Older bands that started this were:

Ill Repute

Dr. Know


Stalag 13

Just a month ago one of Oxnard's best or favorite hardcore band had a reunion show which was really awesome. Everyone had a good time and it was in my opinion the best local show in a very long time.
This band is called In Control
Gig photos

The show was mainly all Oxnard bands with the exception of Downpresser (from Santa Barbara which is about 30 mins from Oxnard and in the Ventura County area) and Take Offense (from San Diego).


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