Wednesday, 6 January 2010


The diy scene is more political (left wing and more often anarchistic) and against authority, music business etc...
There are some really nice guys who organise venues with amazing bands and with free entrance in squats, universities and stuff like that.

I'll give you some links written in english but they are mainly metal blogs,but don't mind it cuz they write about greek hardcore and sometimes punkrock bands.
Metal Paths
Metal Zone

This is the myspace maybe of the best greek hc fanzine
World's Appreciated Kitsch

Other greek hc zines
Perveert Kadett
Take Your Shot

and finally these are some links about cool bands from Greece
Censored Sound (Athens)

Como Esta Loco (Xanthi)

Endsight (Athens)

Despite Everything (Athens)

Vodka Juniors (Athens)

The Voldera Cult (Athens)

Take care and stay posi


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