Thursday, 14 January 2010


The scene is fine, there are about twenty local bands playing constantly. A few labels, still fanzines... but not so many people... Santiago is the capital of Chile, there are about 10 million people living here.. and, in the local shows there are about 200 people.

There are regular shows... maybe once a week... and 3 or 4 hardcore bands from USA especially playing here... I went to local shows 4 or 5 years ago, but actually not now, because I like punk music more... but in the last few years I have seen bands like Bane or Have Heart... and they played with cool local bands.

Entrefuego is one of the most important bands here... and oldschool bands like Fuerza de Voluntad.

There are so many local bands playing and singing in English, and our language is "spanish"... so, i think that we are totally influenced by North American bands. There are a lot of bands releasing material... do it yourself bands... they don't have much money for sure...they just do it for love of their music and hardcore.

Amendment Records

Deadline Records

See ya!

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