Sunday, 3 January 2010

Italy 1

So here's a few of the main italian hc bands which you may already know, especially the old school ones:

Negazione RIP (Torino)

Wretched RIP (Milano)

Raw Power

La Crisi (Milano)

Declino (Torino)

Nerorgasmo (Torino)


Woptime (Torino)

Arturo (Torino)

Skruigners (Milano)

The Secret (Trieste)

Upset Noise (Trieste)

Payback (Roma)

Straight Opposition (Pescara)

Sottopressione RIP

CGB (Imperia)


1 comment:

  1. Negazione is one of my fav bands ever.
    Also I realy like Payback - very very good NY-style hardcore.

    And more like it's called, modern melodic hardcore Stop Talking