Saturday, 4 September 2010

Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul 2

Brazil - Rio Grande do Sul 1

I live in southern Brazil, in a state called Rio Grande Do Sul and these are some good bands from here:

Gritos de Alerta (Hardcore/Crust from Porto Alegre)

Unidos Pelo Ódio (Hardcore/Crust from Porto Alegre)

xAmorx (Fast/Thrashcore from Porto Alegre)

Entre Rejas (Fastcore from Santa Cruz do Sul)

Diatribe (Crust/Hardcore from Santa Cruz do Sul/Porto Alegre)

Velho de Câncer (Punk from Porto Alegre)

Ornitorrincos (Punk/Hardcore from Santo Antonio da Patrulha/Porto Alegre)

and this is my blog: Sonidos Rabiosos

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