Sunday, 19 September 2010

Comment - Never Again

I've just read that Never Again are splitting up and they plan to play just 4 more shows. I don't feel the need to write about most bands when they call it a day (BTW the last one was Have Heart) but sometimes you feel that the gap that a band leaves is significant.

Never Again has been a breath of fresh air to the UK scene with their immediate adrenaline-fuelled sound. Just like their songs they have been fast and furious, constantly gigging, recording/releasing and they have always had the confidence and commitment to take the straight edge message anywhere, anytime to anyone. They have done this with modesty deep respect for the hxc community when everyone was rightly lauding them as the most exciting band in the UK. Other bands IMO have stepped up now and I think this has been partly inspired by Never Again.

It's no good mourning the loss of another fine punk band though. Punk songs usually last for 2 minutes max. If they last longer we get repetition (and guitar solos). In the same way bands don't stay together long. But the message is clear. We've got to make the most of bands/gigs while they are here and as a hardcore/punk community we have to constantly renew and add new life, new ideas to our culture. Everyone who cares must play a part. We need producers not consumers.

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