Wednesday, 29 September 2010

US - Spokane, Washington

What's good about the hxc scene here is also sort of what's bad about the hxc scene here and that is that it's small. On the one hand it's good because everyone knows everyone and we're local bands get a lot of support because pretty much everyone in the scene is going to be fairly good friends with at least one member of any given band. On the other hand this also sort of sucks because the moment one person does something shitty, or even remotely shitty to someone, everyone else hears about it and a lot of high school drama bullshit will go on. Another problem with it is there are less people to be in bands, it's a bit of an exaggeration but I would say almost every hardcore band in the area from the last 3-4 years has been made up of permutations of the same 10 people. It's also harder to get bigger bands to come out here because even though we're the 2nd biggest city in WA, we're not on a lot of people's tour route. We do get great bands sometimes, but they are few and far between.

Right now most of the hxc bands in Spokane from the last few years are dead. Still functioning bands in our area that fit in the hxc category is pretty much just...

Losing Skin

Headhunter which features vocals by Marshall from The Warriors, but honestly they don't play a lot of shows.

Ex bands from the past few years include...


Wound Up

Short Circuit

Red Tape

I know I'm leaving stuff out but this is what I can remember. There is also a pretty sweet melodic hardcore band from the town Moses Lake which is a couple hours away, they're sort of in our scene by default since they practically are the scene in their town, they are called Centuries. Their recordings suck but for dudes still in high school they're pretty legit, and cool dudes.

We got a few blogs going on right now, I'll try to link as many as I can remember:

Cursed Verses - Alex Boston reviewing his vinyl.

Dead Horse - Alex Boston reviewing other albums and stuff.

Bone/sore - Jack Swanstrom reviewing power violence.

Kiah Sandwiches - My blog about the sandwiches I make, not hxc per se, but as you can read in my first post, sandwiches are the Punk Rock of foods.

There are a few venue's around here, the only one you need to know about is The Cretin Hop shitty website, but cool place.

Couple of promoters around the best of which are probably:

Mikhael Sindalu/Lame Shows
Alex Boston/Losing Skin
Ryan Levey/Monumental

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