Saturday, 11 September 2010


Colombia - Bogota

Well, I'm from Bogotá (the capital city).

About the hardcore scene, I'm not very into it, so I think I may not be very objective in the things I could say or the things I could help you with....

I play in a grindcore/powerviolence band:


I have also just started a blog:

Caneria Violence

About the bands around my area, there are lots, and many are very awesome. Here are some myspace addresses so you can check them out:

BDK (Bogota)

Res Gestae (Bogota)

Cinco Sentidos (Ibague)

Free to Decide (Bogota)

Posithink (Bogota)

Sangre y Fe (Bogota)

Dar a Cada Uno

Reaccion Propia (Bogota)

Estado de Coma (Cali)

Otra Alternativa

Resplandor (Bogota)

Pitbull (Bogota)

Ataque en Contra (Bogota)

Grito (Medellin)

About the labels/collectives/distros:

Colectivo Res Gestae

Contra Cultura

Direccion Positiva


Vendetta Records

Persistencia Records

Sinfronteras Discos




Colombia Hardcore

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