Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mexico - Monterrey

Mexico - Nueva Leon

Well actually in Monterrey city the hardcore scene is not so strong as six or seven years ago but is running well.

There are many bands...

Strong Belief - awesome melodic hardcore

It's Now - sxe youth crew band, active from '03 (I think this band is the best of mty)

Brigada Roja - 80s hc, very nice band

Liberate - the most (actually) representative vegan sxe band from mty mexico, those fellas plays like early 90s hc , think Trial or something like that

Biting Socks - more thrashcore but they play in many hc shows, in the vein of early Municipal Waste

Vengance is Mine - from the ashes of Invictus Maneo, they play 90s mid hc like All Out War

Apprise - stoner hc like Cro-Mags and Sub Zero

Por la Verdad - brutal sxe hc metal with long time in the scene

The Goodfellas - fast melodic hc

El Arma es la Palabra - vegan sxe band, generic hc in my opinion

Thoughts Unity - hc punk with some hip hop in the vocals

Actually vegan sxe movement is big but is separated from the other “hc” styles. For example when a vegan sxe band come to the city they work for the show but when another band comes to the city and they aren’t vegan sxe they don’t go.

I only know one zine in the city...

Sed the Venganza is a veganzine from my bro Zim. If you want a copy of zine , please write to

Many bands who tour Mexico come to mty thanks to some promotors like...

Lobia Productions

Da Pawa distro

I Wish productions

Diablo Clothing

...and other people.

The venus mostly are bars like ibex rock bar, rock on bar, rock america or rock house, clandestino bar or maybe mc mullen pubs.

Seven years ago the scene had more variety in style. I remember I went to the shows and saw many awesome bands like:

Still Figthing - in the vein of Gorilla Biscuits and In My Eyes

Sangre y Decepcion - a mix of hc punk

Invictus Maneo - the most representative sxe band in mty, toured US.

Pasan Los Dias - positive and sxe hc punk, one of my favorite bands

Los Nangos - hc punk like 7 Seconds, nice band

Buenos Muchachos - hc punk

Dia a Dia - 90s positive hc punk

Forever Young


Alguna Vez Fui Ciego - vegansxe band that play an awesome metalcore, broke up in February 2010, toured Europe and Sudamerica.

Strikedown - best metalcore of mty

When Forever Comes Crashing - mix of melodic death metal and hc

Semper Fi - hc!

Last Bullet - oi, hc, punk

Por Vida - the best nyhc style

Brave Actitud - street hc punk


Every year here in mty one of the most important hc festivals in Mexico happens: Monterrey HC Super Bowl, this year was the 12th edition. In this festival bands from all over Mexico play and some from the US too.

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