Thursday, 30 September 2010

India - Bangalore

I'm from might've heard about the city. We have all sorts of bands, but sadly no punk/hardcore. Metal has a prominent presence..all the "non-conformist" rebels, when they do form a band, tend to go towards metal. :P

Couple of years ago, I'd tried hard to find fellow punk listeners in the country, heavy into social networking sites, blogs, et al...but I could only come across a few of them. That was then. But seeing the lack of punk bands, I assume the situation hasn't improved a lot.

But you know...rock music (in general) is to an average Indian what punk is to the average American/British guy. Our culture being conservative, only a small percentage of youth (urban, mind you) actually follow rock. The scene's slowly growing though. More people are getting into non-mainstream music...and a lot more albums are being put out. :)

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