Monday, 6 September 2010

Norway 2

Norway 1

The scene in Norway is in general pretty small, but people come out for shows and support local and international bands when shows are arranged. The scene used to be alot bigger 6-7 years back and there were more shows. If we go even further back we got bands when Norwegian hardcore was at its best!


Svart Framtid

So Much Hate


Now its bands like these that are taking back the scene. Really good bands and I recommend to check them out!

Common Cause

Death Is Not Glamorous


Bitter Taste


Bitter Taste and Evolve are the most recent bands, Evolve all straight edge as Norway's only SXE band.

Only DIY I can think of is photographers, if that counts. Me being one of them and then you have a couple more + a guy that has been in the scene from the beginning; Ole Christan.

We had a zine called Sight Beyond Sight but I don't know if it's being published any longer.

Vegetarianism and veganism are also a big part of the scene. Many people have dropped the edge while young kids are joining in being edge. Also animal rights play a part of the scene and Drys Frihet (Animal Liberation) has merchtables at almost every show with t-shirts, zines, pins and vegan sweets.

The most used venues is Blitz and Humla/Hausmania. Squat-houses, the only places we are able to put on all-ages shows.

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