Thursday, 16 September 2010

Germany - Nordrhein Westfalen

I live in Wegberg near the border. It's a city with 30000 people but it has, dunno why, a pretty big scene , or had...

There are:

Against Your Society (AYS)

The Lust for Life

Sniffing Glue


Revolver Facelift

Some people doing shows:

Trusty Chord shows

Do YOU care?

Online zines:

All Schools Network


Poison Free

There is vegan food at shows in Germany often (many people are vegetarian/vegan and/or sXe)
Check out Vegan Fastfood Crew.

I like shows in small clubs or autonomic-centers. Most people are cool but I can't stand that toughguy attitude.

Support your local scene!

Let's Fight White Pride!

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