Saturday, 4 September 2010

Netherlands 2

Netherlands 1

I think the most essential Dutch hardcore band was Larm. Pure 80s hardcore noise :)

They have influenced many bands and went on to form Seein Red (about 20 years now).

Vitamin X
Amsterdam thrashy straightedge hardcore.
They're not very popular here and rarely play in the Netherlands. But they have almost a legendary status in countries like Brazil, Germany...personally, I love them.

My other favorite Dutch band is Mihoen! RIP
Thrashcore something. Almost all their songs are in Dutch. This year their long anticipated split with Seein Red came out (all though they've played their last show few years ago)! It's really awesome.

Insult RIP with the ripoff Infest logo haha. They are defunct as well, but nonetheless great music.

Newer bands:
Cracks in the Wall
Angry 80s style hardcore that reminds me of Black Flag.

Cool guys who play powerviolence a la SPAZZ. Love 'em.

Two thrashcore bands. They have a split too. I've seen them live a couple of times and it's always fun...
Waking the Dead

The Shining

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