Sunday, 25 July 2010

Ukraine - Simferopol

DIY culture and attitude are big over here. Given we're living in a developing world it is very often, if not always, quite a struggle to do most of the basic things that require money. So, DIY is essential, we often have no other choice but to do it ourselves.

For one, UPRISE guys paid money out of their pockets for first shows to actually happen. And it wasn't like a lot of people rushed in to a show, neither did the guys make enough money to actually cover the expenses. It was more like a tight group of enthusiasts investing their own resources in hope to make hardcore more popular and basically try to establish a hardcore scene in Simferopol... which I find a truly heroic endeavor.

Okis, UPRISE frontman, is heavily involved with the scene development having established and currently running a Young Voices record label. I'm not big on zines so I take little interest in this kind of stuff but I couldn't help noticing that Okis is behind at least one local zine, and a distro too! Specifically he, and other UPRISE members, are organizing most of the shows that happen in Simferopol.

Sometimes I think Evgenij, the UPRISE frontman's real name, is the most powerful driving force behind the inception and development of the scene in Simferopol. I'm pretty sure he would rightfully object to that since there are other people who do their part and thus bring a pretty much active hardcore punk scene to Simferopol.

It's especially great to see young, beautiful girls involved in this. You can trust my taste, they're beautiful AND hardcore. I am so proud of them making a right choice and bringing a female perspective and help to hardcore scene.

Shows have been happening quite regularly in contrast to some Ukrainian cities where there are almost no hardcore scene per se. I think we're lucky to have such an active, diverse and talented scene.

I also believe people are truly devoted to what they're doing. Most of them are very young and passionate about hardcore, the music and culture.

The scene is very friendly. The shows often combine straight edge, hardcore punk, punk and metal bands. You can see a lot of people drinking and smoking shit but we all kinda like accepting the others and not being over judgemental. We're not showing an elitist attitude. The town is small, everyone knows everyone so I personally don't see any point in trying to brush off people only because today they made this or that choice. They might see what our sub-culture may offer, get inspired by the examples we set... who knows maybe the next time they will be coming to a show they're going to come X'ed up.

by Ivan Lezhnjov Jr.

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  1. A crossover I never thought could actually happen. Not because it isn't possible but because such an idea never actually crossed my mind - to fuse blues and hardcore punk - I mean hey these are the two genres unlikely to sound well together, right?

    There's a band that attempted this, the Bluesbreaker. Surprisingly enough the guys are coming from Kiev, the capitol of Ukraine, and what they came up with is very decent.

    Well, you're encouraged to make your own judgement don't take my word for it. [URL="";]Go to their MySpace page and listen to their stuff.

    You can also download their Demo 1910 via MediaFire for free at this URL

    If you happen to be in Ukraine next week-end, August 22, you can see them live in Simferopol along with Memorials, USE YOUR BRAINS! and Les J'pz.

    by Ivan Lezhnjov Jr. aka xCrucialDudex