Monday, 24 October 2011

Russia 12

Russia 11

"I'm from Moscow, so I can say that I have seen almost all the bands that represent the hc scene well - it's a good tradition for every hc band in every area to come to play in the capital.

I advise you to check out...

Next Round (St. Petersburg)

RAY (Moscow)

What We Feel RIP (Moscow)

Argument 5.45 (Moscow)

5 Corners (St. Petersburg)

Breakwar is a hardcore/metalcore band, which gave birth to the hc scene in Moscow almost 10 years ago. Besides music, their front-man Roman was involved in gig organization for US and european hardcore and metal bands - it was very hard at that time in our country.

Fatality Records is one of the biggest hc labels in the RF nowdays. They organize gigs, help bands to record their albums and have some kind of a distro. And they do all this stuff not only in moscow, but in the whole country."

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