Saturday, 8 October 2011

France 3

France 2

“I'm from Dijon. I moved recently to Strasbourg. I’ve had bands for more than 10 years now but they stayed local. I set up shows in my home town for years and now I’ve just started a new crew to make Strasbourg alive again.

In Dijon we were lucky to have a "legalised" squat call Les Tanneries where we were free to put on DIY shows, mostly punk, oi, ska, and hxc and we have a distro and a label. The venue is still going on but they are in a fight with the city, who are the owners, cause they want to build a new neighbourhood so they are trying to make a deal with them to have a new be continued.

Here in Strasbourg it's been quite dead for years, most shows are rock'n'roll, psycho but hopefully we are close to Germany where lots of shows in good spirit are playing, in Karlsruhe with the New Noise crew and in Stuttgart with the people from JuHa West.

But with some kids we have just started a crew and we are looking for some bands and venues. In France it's a bit difficult to find a place to set up shows...

For the bands you haven't mentioned in your blog, I can tell you about some old ones which don't exist anymore but they were a part of the scene and some others I know:

Seekers of the Truth (Lyon)


Stormcore (Rennes)

FTX (Nevers)

Hate Six Remains (Nevers)

Face Up To It (Bordeaux)

The Ditch (St. Etienne)


Last Quiet Time (Paris)

Rest in Pain (Borgogne)

In Progress - a side project so they didn't have a link

No Guts No Glory (Valence)

Nine Eleven (Tours) – one of the best French bands

Alea Jacta Est (Toulouse)

Backsight (Avignon)

Unfit (Marseille)

Wake the Dead (Marseille)

Gorilla Gripping (Franche-Comte)

Splint! (Dijon)

First Failure (Paris)

Get Lost (Paris)

Kazan (Dijon)

The Boring (Alsace)

BGdu57 (Lorraine)

True Believers (Lorraine)

There’s also a good screamo scene with bands such as Theme of Laura, Chaos Is, Oak, Sons of Saturn and many more.

For fanzines I just know Just Say Yo! and Another Day.


My dear friends Enjoy the Show (Bordeaux) with the great place called Heretic

THS (Toulouse)

The Grass was Never Green (Paris)

Start Today (Nevers)

Bad Mood (Marseille)

I know there's also a new crew in Lyon who are doing great shows…”

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