Monday, 10 October 2011

France - Le Mans/Tours

“In Le Mans, there are no places to play and almost no real indie activity, cause of the local authorities which are really tight and which survey everything / everyone associated with "the alternative" and fight everything that’s out of the state's culture.

In Tours, that's different. There's been a big punk hardcore / Oi culture for more than 20 years. So even if that's about a permanent struggle with authorities, there are always many people to make the indie scene alive in the DIY spirit and way!

Many bands (of different kinds of hxc punk music) are active and go on tour a lot! It’s a cool independent place for practising, sharing moments, ideas for music, plans for shows, repairing music stuff etc., and places to play!

In Le mans, check out…

Nous Danserons Sur Vos Ruines (emo violence in the vein of Orchid)

I Am A Curse (Emo post hxc)

In Tours…

Pneu (duo Guitar / Drum in a psyché - raw punk hxc)

Daily Mind Distortion (Rocking Punk rock in the vein of New Bomb Turk, early NOFX, etc.)

Nine Eleven (New school hxc punk)

Verbal Razors (Thrash a la Exodus - Municipal Waste)

Sisterhood Issue (Girly Punk Raw)

The Finkielkrauts (a sort of new wave - batcave. Cool)

…and others I forget :)


Sedition (from Bordeaux - Tours). It's a 1000 copies printed DIY mag in french you get for free.


Dirty Guys Rock from Tours

The best venue in Tours where everything happens for now is Le Canadian Café. There are other venues where some things happen sometimes, but it's for now the place to be for hxc and punk rock events.

The active promotors in Tours:

Dirty Guys Rock
Goat Cheese.”

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