Sunday, 30 October 2011

Russia - Moscow 3

Russia - Moscow 2

“I’m from the Moscow region, but now live in the capital. I have a band called Rasplata. Now we are on the way to releasing new EP. Some of us are from Moscow, some from Zhukovsky.

Fight For Fun was a great band that played thrashcore from Zhukovsky. They have two demos and one of them they released on a diskette).

Their last record was the split with malaysian Take It Back.

The same guys and a few from Moscow also played in Rededrang (emo hardcore). They broke up after releasing split with Reflections Of Internal Rain.

The Zhukovsky scene formed mainly thanks to these guys from FxFxF.

Anton had his own label and distro - Fast ’n’ Easy - but now it is in the past. Vova plays guitar in Rasplata and also records different bands from the scene.

We also have a girls trio called Beer Babies.

If we have a look at the Moscow scene, we’ll see that many new bands have appeared and many have released new records.

Rearranged has a new self-titled 7’’

Argument 5.45 have released a new album, which exceeded (I think) their debut CD. And the artwork… one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen).

REKA (post-metal) released their 3rd album this year and they have a new vocalist Sebastien from France.

Members of REKA also played in screamo band Optimus Prime. They had their last show this summer and REKA played at the Fluff Fest this year.

I can also single out The Occult. This band is similar to Converge. They have a 4-song EP.

I want you to check out Invisible Border)) Their vocalist is a great man) He does charity shows mostly for orphan asylums and takes part in this movement.

I also want to direct you to…

On Burnt Ground (На выжженной земле)
Demo (2011)

Dice (Kaliningrad) with their self-titled EP

Beholder (Petrozavodsk) with demo CD

These bands are the ones I found interesting this year.

In Moscow there are not many bands who play fast music. We have a new band From The Depths (thrashcore). They recorded an EP a month ago.

Yeltsin Youth also plays fast.

I Don’t Care (thrashcore) broke up, but has some recordings.

I do vocals for a new band with members of From The Depths and Rasplata. We will play powerviolence.

In grindcore and crust I can single out almost nothing except these bands from St.Petersburg…

Zorka (grindcrust) - split up but left self-titled album and split with belorussian Brud Krou.

Distress (d-beat)


There are some bands which have not long started…

DoublexCrossed (old school)

Rooftops (pop-punk)

Leaftrace (melodic hardcore)

All the bands can be found on funkysouls."

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