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Colombia - Bogota 2

Colombia - Bogota 1

“I'm from Bogotá, Colombia. I’ve been involved with the hardcore scene for about 4 years now and this is what I've noticed:

Hc/punk in Bogotá have passed by some common process that I think that are the representation of every scene in every corner of the world. There are different scenes and each one of them is very different and usually doesn't have any contact with others.

There is a "NYHC" based scene which I think is the most prolific due to the cultural conditions. This is one of the oldest movements in the whole country despite the separation of their main groups. Some bands that come into my mind to refer this movement could be:

Sin Salida

Ataque en Contra

Lealtad a La Crü

Compromiso 5-4

El Sagrado




This movement is also related to Beatdown and DMS styles and also has a big influence from Hip Hop culture. I think it's mostly apolitical but recently I've heard that some right wing people are involved in this scene, and also some have neo-nazi tendencies.

One of the scenes I know less is the christian one. Many people linked with this movement have religious beliefs and the music is the way they express their message. A common prejudice is that most of the members are scene-kids or related to that trend. The music is mostly Metalcore/Deathcore but also it's possible to find hc/punk. Some bands I can remember are:

Sobre Todo Nombre

To Your Glory


Tras la Sangre

Corazón en Llamas


There's another group of people that are very politicized. It calls itself the Hardcore punk scene. The sounds in their bands are based around the Dbeat, Anarchopunk, Powerviolence, Grindcore and crust sounds. Their shows are completely DIY and it has plenty of fanzines running inside. It's also the scene with most labels I know (although recently it seems that no one is active). Some bands I remember are:

Res Gestae

Grita o Muere


Amor & Rabia

La Vendetta

A Sangre y Fuego


The cultural foundations are in anarchopunk ethics. It's mainly anarchist, pro-vegetarianism, pro-homosexual, etc.

There is some scenes that have their influences on the 90's and 00's bands. Several members are Straight Edge and it's foundations are also DIY. The musical influence is mostly bands like: Have heart, Casey Jones, Verse and similar. A lot of people linked with this scene are vegetarian, drug free, god free and some are highly political.

One of the most important labels in this scene is Step Down Records whose principal bands are:

Free to Decide




Also there are plenty of bands that keep away of the scenes and try hard not to be linked with them.

Some bands I would recommend are:

The Tryout

We Will Fight

Nuestra Fe


Otra Alternativa


Los Durangos


I think one band that could represent my own personal scene could be Sangre & Fe. I think it's message and the way they do the things is great, and also their music that has big influences on skatepunk mixed with some slugdy passages.

Another band I can highly recommend is Steps, they are incredibly good and, as far as I know, there's no similar band in the world. They both are part of a recent Label called Towers of Acre.

Another important label is Immigrant Records.

There are not many zines, most of them are about political collectives but there's a guy called xLacoloniax that recently talks about the scene with some poetical touches.

Some of the favorites venues are: Teatro La Mama, Teatro Acto latino, Teatro metro. There are not specific places to place hcpunk, most of them have nothing to do with hardcore, they just rent the space. Also there are not many promotors, every band has to do their things by themselves.”

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