Friday, 21 October 2011

Portugal 2

Portugal 1

“In the early '80's the punk scene in Portugal was quite small but Crise Total helped to pioneer the movement and helped it grow along with bands like…


Grito Final

Ku de Judas


We would mostly organize our own gigs as there was only one venue at the time, the well loved and sadly missed Rock Rendez Vous and were involved with other folk making fanzines that also made the scene grow.

Fanzines like…

Lixo Anarquista (Anarchist Trash)

Cadaver Esquisito (Weird Cadaver)

…and many more.

Steadily through the later '80's the scene stated growing with bands like…

Corrosao Caotica


In the '90's again there was a massive increase with the arrival of better and faster means of communication and cheaper instruments. Today there is a sizeable scene for a small country like Portugal although I think the bigger scene has been impacted by what I call corporate punx (fashionistas and trend followers).

There is a very strong DIY scene which we belong to along with names like…

Carlos Cruzt


Violencia Violeta

Albert Fish

…and many more.

Along with the fanzines we now have several blogspots that also serve the scene quite well.”

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