Sunday, 30 October 2011

Russia - Petrozavodsk

“I want to talk a bit about the scene in Petrozavodsk. In this city, the scene has always been very well developed, though in recent times it begins to subside. I don’t know what this is due to.

In our city there are groups…

Coasta (melodic hardcore)

Belies (hardcore / emo)

Evolet (post metal)

Minuala (dark-hardcore)

The Minc (d-beat/raw-punk)

Inkcoma (screamo, post -rock)

Stay Fresh RIP (hardcore-punk/youth crew)

Pass the Rubicon (hardcore)

Dies Alliensis (post-hardcore)

Beholder (hardcore)

Apache (hardcore-punk/youth crew)

Antimelodix (brutal punk)

Örk Bastards (thrash as fuck)

Many of them have been on a tour / mini-tour of Russia. The city has been visited by a lot of groups, not only from Russia but from other countries. In our city Xborlandx is a very good promoter.

Petrozavodsk is very often linked with St. Petersburg because the city is close (by Russian standards). The guys who live in Petrozavodsk and St. Petersburg talk regularly, visit each other at home, at concerts, just hang out together and organize all sorts of rallies.

In Petrozavodsk there are zines too…

All Together

My Riot Inward

My Dad Dog/Moj Papa Sobaka

X and Without Faith also.”

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