Tuesday, 25 October 2011


"I Adapt have stopped now. They went on strong from maybe 2000 until around 2010. But while active they were probably the most active hardcore band in Iceland and one of very, very few that went abroad to play shows. The individual members of the band also did other things, for example, Þórir, made a quite succesful alternative career as My Summer as a Salvation Soldier, which was a low key musical project with some beautiful songs.

The hardcore scene in Iceland has always been, in my opinion, a part of a bigger scene which is just the heavy music scene in Iceland. The thing is, we are so few that it would be ridiculous to take up the same attitude as in the US. and other countries where hardcore kids and metal kids are enemies and can't stand each other. Here in Iceland I always felt there was a huge welcoming to each and everyone and that there was never just a hardcore show or a metal show. Often you would go to a show and the line-up would include I Adapt along with a death metal band, a progressive rock band and something else. I always liked that because I also like it all.

Heavy music shows in Iceland never had too many guests. But always a good crowd though. A band plays and then those same people become the audience. Beautiful."

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