Saturday, 8 October 2011

Label - DIY Noise

"I think it's really cool that hcmorethanmusic is taking such a broad view on the hardcore music scene. Instead of focusing on your own part, focus on the greater spectrum that incompases the entire globe. A//Political would be proud.

My plans for DIY Noise are pretty simple. I can summarize it all in this one general statement. "Every band deserves a chance." That was my concept coming in to this no more than 2 months ago. And that's the way I'd like to keep it.

There are SOOOO many hardworking DIY bands that never receive recognition. Yet so many who are in it for the wrong reason who get the exact opposite. For example there was this awesome band from where I live over here in Oxnard California known as Elephant Mace. Great musicians, great live energy and just the coolest dudes you could ever talk to. These guys would organize their own shows, get touring bands from other states a place to play. They'd give other bands (like my own) a chance to play when nobody else would.

Pretty much when every little whiny scene kid was complaining about the lack of "scene" or the lack of "good" bands, these guys would essentially give them a good hard lesson about what it means to be a punk or part of a scene. These guys along with another band from here - El Mariachi - essentially set the bar on what you should do if you're in a band.

Or if you wanna start a band. Get up from your comfortable ass and fuckin DIY! No one's just gonna hand you anything (unless you got loads of cash).

I just look forward to being that helping hand that no one would be to me. To date I've done about 16 tapes, none of which I charge the bands for. This is to help bands pay for merch, tours, recordings and to give them that mental boost that keeps bands from breaking up."

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