Saturday, 1 October 2011

Poland - North 3

Poland - North 2

“Our scene grew in the last year to be one of the strongest in Poland. Many new local faces are being seen at every show, also some people from other cities have moved in. We've seen many shows with lineups without any foreign bands that turned out awesome. The attitude at shows is really good, unity isn't in bad shape. It feels like you're at a good party at someone’s house, everybody's there chillin' and its all cool.

New bands from our city that have emerged last year:

Outbound - bringing back the 90's vibe

Marksman - kinda post-hardcore but real good

Work For It - youngbloods, possibly good in 2012

Collina - not really new, but they have changed the lineup in 2011

Sick Shit - short-lived phenomenon

live 1
live 2

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