Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Latvia - Riga

Latvia 2

“To begin with hc and punk bands are rare in Latvia. No major bands that everybody would know of.

There is one, but you could hardly call it punk...Inokentijs Mārpls. They're not a technical band. The fame they have is based on their humorous lyrics. Some translated from latvian to english are - I will wash my foot tomorrow, I will drink beer now!

Only a few people are really into hc music. And those who play it blend it with metalcore. Bands such as…



The metal scene in Latvia is much bigger. Such bands as Skyforger, SIA Radikal, Sanctimony, Relicseed, Huskvarn are popular among all alternative people.

Also there are no straight edge bands (I'm a straight edge myself and it just pisses me off). It's due to the fact that the youth in Latvia are getting shit-face drunk and are not interested in moral values. They're too busy following all the trends. Now they're hipsters. Two years ago they were emos. A couple of years before that they were into hip-hop.

I think the hardcore and punk scene didn't catch on since it began in the early 80's. In that period of time Latvia was a part of USSR where you couldn't listen to the music you wanted and people just couldn't get the latest information about music trends.

It's different with metal. Early metal (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd) were popular in the world at the time. And people who got permission to travel (leave USSR) knew that those were the bands whose records you needed to take home. So it caught on. Just think about it. You can take home only one record from your trip. Which one will you choose? A band who you might have heard of, or a band you haven't...?”

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