Saturday, 15 October 2011


"I'm from Caracas, in general the hc punk scene here is dying, unfortunately most of the people live for fashion here, but there's a small group of people who make their biggest effort. Our country has a really bad economy so almost all the bands have a diy attitude, but as always the guys with the money are the guys with the contacts, and they're the ones who can pay studio hours and all that.

There are no labels that support local hardcore, it's all independent, and for the venues well it's almost the same. You have to know somebody or be friends with the venue owner to be allowed to play. Here we struggle to make and listen to the music we love, but no one said that this was easy. It's in the effort where you see the results.

Here check The Zeta, they're an example, I work with them. They recorded their album themselves and the videos too."

video 1
video 2

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