Sunday, 11 April 2010

Czech Republic - Brno (Part 2)

Czech Republic - Brno (Part 1)

It would be fair to tell you also about activities that are taking place in Prisnotice, Vranovice and its surroundings. These are villages about 25 km south from Brno where there have been quite a few punks in the last years. However it all seems to be fading away there right now. There are not many shows anymore, less people come to shows to Brno etc… that’s a shame.

One of the bands from this area is RISPOSTA ( playing an excellent original crust. No cliché in their lyrics, pretty original approach to music (not only thanx to a lot of alcohol and wheat consumed…). A great band! After releasing their 12” they fired the vocalist (who has also been the drummer of FESTA DESPERATO) and now the guitarist's taken over the vocal parts. It sounds different, but still great. An LP just came out on Insane Society recs and I must say it is overall one of the best crust records from Czech ever.

They’re sharing their practice room with EVIDENCE SMRTI. Again people from other local bands play there. This is simply a portion of excellent original metal/crust/punk/thrash hell! They just released a demo CD-R but are not playing any shows at the moment.

In the neighbouring village of Vranovice, another band REAKCE NA ZMENU (Reaction For Change) ( takes rehearsals, playing a furious screaming crustcore, covering STATE OF FEAR by the way. Apart from their demo tape, they just released a split EP with RISPOSTA. Well some time ago the guys in the band had a serious argument which resulted in three members having left the band – the bass player is now trying to continue with some other people under the same name while the others have started a new band that sounds practically the same as the original line-up of RNZ and is called DE TIEMPO PESTE. They are just coming back from their tour with RISPOSTA around Germany, Belgium (and Netherlands?).
The original bass player’s name is Kamil (kind of a crazy guy – sometimes called Kawa-Kamil haha). He just left AGE OF DEATH (, where he played guitar.

AGE OF DEATH play furious fast hardcore. In spring 2008 one of the band’s two singers Kodl tragically died on his way from a concert. After a pause a new vocalist joined in, so they had two girls on vocals. They just finished a new recording, including a DISRUPT cover. Very recently they kicked out both the vocalists and are practicing alone, so no shows at the moment.
After Kodl’s death his other band where he played drums - OCKOVANI LISEK - split up without any recording.

POSLEDNI SMENA plays raw old school US hardcore, but their only activity seems to be their myspace account so far.

As far as bands are concerened, this is probably all that is worth mentioning right now. You can find some more oi!/“punk“/rock’n’roll bands (in some cases with members with a pretty weird nazi-like past/present – see OPERACE ARTABAN), but I don’t give a fuck about them.

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