Thursday, 15 April 2010

UK - Yorkshire

I only really know about the Leeds and Sheffield scene, so apologies for not writing about other parts of Yorkshire.

In Yorkshire there’s a pretty vibrant scene at the moment. No corny crucial core, just a lot of angry bands. As always, Leeds is the place to be for shows and bands. I’d say the biggest bands from the Leeds area are:

Deal With It the cro-magnon quintet

Rot in Hell the angry old men

Art: Nabbe the Bastard

Other notable bands, all of which play super fast, super angry and super good hardcore. And quite a few of these bands seem to share the same members:


Art: Sam Layzell



Art: Sam Layzell



Torn Apart

As far as promoters go in Leeds there’s...

LSHC and Off the Turnbuckle for the true diy shows, along with people just putting on their own things.

For bigger shows there’s...

Slowmotion Promotions

Before Sunrise

There’s also a bunch of people running record labels and stuff:

Grot Records

Thirty Days of Night have started releasing some good stuff lately too.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that ¾ of Fast Point are living in Leeds these days.

40 minutes or so down the road there’s Sheffield, which also has a very vibrant scene, although a very different one to Leeds. As 2009 saw the demise of The Legacy and Cop Out, there aren’t really too many hardcore punk bands around Sheffield other than:

Sports Day who play energetic garage punk in the same vain as Pissed Jeans

Death Job who play fast, thrashy hardcore punk

Grazes who play sort of 90’s influenced hardcore.

Crust punk is a big part of the Sheffield scene with bands such as:

Skiplickers (ex Cop Out)

Art: Jord


Art: Steve

Cry Havoc

Art: Jen


Since the Cricketers Arms closed down, there was a big drought for diy shows in Sheffield and they’ve only just started getting put on again regularly. The main people putting on shows are...

Not Shy of the Diy

Punk innit

Values Here

Ian Capleton

Dead Leg put stuff on occasionally too.

Ian Wiles runs Dead and Gone Records, probably the biggest UK hardcore label at the moment. Although as of May 29th he’s stopping running the label.

Kamikaze Collective also put out good records, although fairly infrequently.

It’s also worth mentioning that AVT Promotions are trying to make Barnsley a hot bed for DIY hardcore punk. So anyone wanting a show, get in touch with them.

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