Monday, 5 April 2010


Israel is a small country so most of the cities are close to each other. I'm from a small town near to Rishon Le Zion called Rehovot which means "streets" in hebrew.

Hardcore scene? Not exactly. It is more like a varied punk scene. As I said, Israel is a very small country, about 7 and a half million citizens, so there are not many punkrockers\hardcore kids to create a whole scene, so we all party together :)

I've been into whole scene thing about 3-4 years so I haven't got to see some things that have gone and are now missing. I have only heard stories about youth crews and edge kids. I'm pointing up the edge thing cuz first of all I'm edge and there are only 4-5 people whom I know that are the same. Secondly there's no edge band which sucks asses.

Back to the past scene that was more scattered around the country. There was "Hardcore 09" - Kfar Saba, Haif Hardcore in the north and Tel-Aviv Hardcore in the center. Nowadays most of the scene has moved to Tel-Aviv and the other part is still in Haifa. In the past it was actually one big scene but over the years it fell apart - bands broke up, kids grew up and moved on. Those who stayed are now 21-26 years old and they are "the main" creators of new bands.

As I mentioned before the scene today is so small that most of the people are playing in several bands which means only a small amount of groups and it's a poor scene but everyone is a friend of everyone else and we are like one big family.
Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Big bands don't tour to Israel and that sucks asses! And if they do (like NOFX, MxPx, No Use For A Name, No Turning Back) it is with a delay of a decade. I know the hardcore thing is all about having fun and I think many bands are missing some of it by not coming to Israel. You can't judge a thing until you have seen\felt\had it so I think there is nothing to be scared of. We have awesome humus and falafel!

Expect Nothing RIP

The Backliners
in vein of Screeshing Weasel , Ramones, The Queers, The Riverdales etc.

Soon in Here RIP
punk-hardcore\metalcore - "Hardcore 09"

Together At Last RIP
punk-hardcore/youth crew - "Hardcore 09"

Friday Night Sissy Fight
punk-hardcore\youth crew - Haifa Hardcore

oldschool punkrock in vein of The Marked Man, Adolescents, Zero Boys, Dean Dirg etc.

Mondo Gecko
the fastest band in the whole middle east - thrashcore

Not on Tour
started as sweet pop-punk female fronted band and have become a punk-hardcore band with tough chick

Suckinim Baenaim
in the vein of Orchid etc.


  1. Received this message:

    I think you forgot to add DPA. It's a very cool Israeli hc band.

  2. hey friend im tom, another israeli freak.
    i dont know if your into it but check out my band aswell
    for download links you can contact us at

  3. you forgot Brutal Assault, the most important and underated haredcore band in israel through the past 6 years. there were times that they were the only hardcore punk band around and no one gave a shit. still nobody gives a shit, figures..



  6. I am really glad to see that there is a lot of activity here...would anyone like to write a report about hxc in their area of Israel for the blog?
    PxU Brian

  7. I gotta say RESPECT to Giora...I've been following the blog now for a while and you've gotta be the hardest working Blogger of them all :D

    Excellent work BTW and that recent clip of Mondo Gecko in the bomb shelter was brilliant!!! Contact me and I'd really like to promote all of your hard work on my blog...PxU to all in Israel...Brian