Sunday, 4 April 2010

Italy 3

Italy 2

The most important italian bands are:

To Kill (Roma vegan straight edge metal/hardcore)

La Quiete (emoviolence legends from Romagna)

Raein RIP (emoviolence legends from Romagna)

La Crisi (hc legends from Milan)

La Piovra RIP (thrashcore legends from Milan)

Other important bands in Italy are :

L'amico di Martucci RIP (Venice thrashcore)

Values Intact RIP (Palermo straight edge hc)

The Miracle RIP (Milano straight edge hc)

BANxTHIS RIP (Bologna straight edge thrashcore)

Ed (thrashcore with members of BANxTHIS)

Isolamento (Bologna hc)

The Infarto, Scheisse! (emoviolence from Bergamo)

Ingegno (Perugia hc)

Skruigners (Milano hc)

Locked In (hc)

The Difference RIP (Roma hc)

xDestroy Babylonx (Torino vegan straight edge metalcore)

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