Sunday, 4 April 2010

US - Massachusetts

I live close enough to Boston to go to shows there. Still close enough to Rhode Island to go to shows there and Anchors Up in Haverhill has tons of shows which is about an hour from where I am.

I honestly don't know what it is about New England that produces in my opinon some of the best hardcore bands.
We may have been kind of spoiled with amazing bands form classic hardcore bands SSD and DYS to Verse and Have Heart

Some new bands to be on the look out for:

Free Spirit
(they are one of the next great posicore bands from MA, release coming soon on Lockin' Out)
Free Spirit demo download

Mountain Man



The Bonus Army

War Cloud

Short Ride

Product of Waste

Wolf Whistle (they're a new band with members of Have Heart and XFilesX)

Most of the shows I go to are at:

ICC Church, Boston

Elks, Cambridge

Anchors Up, Haverhill

AS220, Providence

Tigers Den, Brockton

There are also a bunch of houses throughout MA that regularly have house shows.

if you're interested in seeing photos from tons of shows from around here check out:


Return to the Pit

Future Breed

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