Monday, 19 April 2010

Zine - Keep It Real

Cover art: Peio

Editorial: "The times are crucial and this entire financial crisis is getting on our nerves, but hardcore/punk music is undoubtedly a really strong outlet, an umbrella that keeps us dry despite the rain.

I may sound poetic but I won't stop shouting that I feel blessed to have found this alternative lifestyle and state of mind. It's an ark in the modern times' cataclysm. A medium to unfold my feelings, filter my frustration and expose my energy. Hardcore has nothing to do with cliches. Positive reinforcement is a useful tool to build a future, don't you think?

I am pessimistic and negative enough so the search for positiveness makes me stronger and wiser every day."

Art: Mitsos Antiviosi


UK copies are available (£2.80 + pp), email me -

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