Wednesday, 7 April 2010

UK - Norwich

I'm from Norwich, Norfolk, which no one really knows much about from my experience, but it's on the East coast. I only go to University here but I'm far more involved with stuff here than I am in Southend. The hardcore scene here seems a bit resurgent in recent months with new bands forming and there's been some good local shows. For a while it was pretty dead and there weren't all that many local bands playing shows, but now it seems there is a decent group. It all depends what those bands do though and whether a few more form.

Shows are sporadic but there is a decent amount. In terms of hardcore there's about 3 (including myself) who put on shows worth talking about. We get touring bands from the US occasionally. Occasionally kids only come out for these rather than recognising the good stuff from the UK/local area, but that's like anywhere. Most shows happen at The Marquee. It's by far the most suited local venue and using them is generally pretty easy and ideal. It'd be nice if there was an alternative venue that is readily available as The Marquee gets booked up miles in advance and it can be hard sorting stuff. Everywhere else is either too expensive, not ideal, or just yet to be recognised. It'd be difficult putting on hardcore shows somewhere else.

Community wise, a lot of people seem to know each other and there's generally a pretty friendly vibe as far as I can tell. People are quick to call out stuff they don't agree with, but at the same time those people support the stuff worth supporting. I try and make sure my shows are worth coming down for, whether you are the band or just someone who wants to watch them, and I've made them benefit gigs before too. I make sure the bands get paid, food and drink, because it's not hard. It pisses me off when promoters claim they can't pay a band because they don't have enough people in the door... I've been the on the receiving end of that. It's the promoters job to sort a show that a) people wanna go to and b) make sure they know about it. If it is an empty room, the promoter fucked up somewhere along the line.

In terms of bands that represent our area, I'll probably just end up talking about my own and my friends bands, but I genuinely believe the stuff we/they are doing is decent. I sing in Dorian Gay (old school hardcore) and also Jackals (fast stuff).

I do WWHRD which is a 'zine/shows and label. I recently put out Baptists demo tape, they play heavy doomy hardcore. Lonewolves are also from round here and most people are probably familar with them... at least they should be. Beyond that there's some more punk/hardcore bands, but those two are my favourites.

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