Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Russia - Moscow

So what can I say...I live in very small town near Moscow and I’ll tell you about the Moscow scene.

During the last 4 years it has been rising and developing. Gigs are really regular. More and more foreign bands play in Moscow. Also more and more young kids are interested in music and shows. But it’s hard to tell about the sense of community, there's not enough respect and responsibility at the shows and I don’t think that all the people in scene are ready to fight for change. Most of the kids are vegetarians/vegans, straight edge is also popular but it’s also popular to stop being a straight edger when you are more than 20 haha

So some words about the bands:

Sickpack RIP
Played 80s hardcore but they broke up unfortunately :(
I like them. Their shows were pretty good! Their lyrics are about problems with police, with alcohol and self-determination haha

Some members of Sickpack play in this band. Dirty sound and funny lyrics )

I think the most popular hardcore band in Russia. They played at Fluff Fest last summer. Their songs are about friendship, being true to your ideas and same stuff haha

the central committee
Really rad sound )) check out their texts, they are awesome!

Fight For Fun
Nice guys from small town near Moscow. They have their diy label and sound studio where punk bands record their shit haha but FxFxFx don't want to play shows now (

I Don't Care
New band from Moscow with young members haha live shows are rad!

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