Friday, 30 April 2010

Romania - Timisoara

From what I know I can tell you that there was a strong punk and also an alternative scene, punk not being the only one, so there was diversity. One festival that is in it’s 13th edition this year and can prove this diversity is the Underground Festival which is one of the most important and biggest events of this kind from the central and east of Europe. With lots of bands of different genres.

Moving on to an important place that shaped the scene here in Timisoara and I’m gonna talk about that is the cultural center INCA (International Network of Contemporary Artisans). This place started of in 2002 and has hosted 170 shows and other cultural actions.

Bands like:

Vitamin x (Netherlands)
The Tangled Lines (Germany)
Aktivna Propaganda (Slovenia)
The Spectacle (Norway)
Czoglosz (USA)
Determination (Austria)
Daughters of Reality (Germany)
Zegota (USA)
Leadershit (Spain)
No Rest (Brazil)
See You in Hell (Czech Rep)
Tackleberry (Germany)
Questions (Brazil)

...and many more.

But INCA was also the place where the Romanian d.i.y. bands got to sing. Some of them are gone, but some of them still live.

Bands like:

Pavilionul 32


Seeds of Liberation RIP



Repugna ( no myspace, keepin it tru)

The Mohawks RIP


Los Pogos

Dance Trauma

In 2007, sadly this place was closed because the rental contract expired. But this wasn’t the end of things...

Gluga Negara aka Black Hood Society was still active in putting up shows, but everything was done in different venues. So festivals like these didn't stop:

Independent Voices

Trash Fest

No Border Fest

Underground Fest

After some time of changing venues, there came a time when we got sick and tired of having to deal with shitty owners and other problems that came along. So everybody needed a new INCA. After some heavy searching, there was a place found in a ex factory. Yeah, everything comes with a price here, so there was a price for the rent set up and after that we found it a name, we named it Atelier D.I.Y.( D.I.Y. Workshop).

Actually this place was set out to be rehearsal room for the band Pavilionul 32 , but since you have a place why not do stuff in it, like shows and other d.i.y. cultural activities. But of course with new places come new responsibilities. So there where some set of do’s and don’ts. We also put up our distro with a lot merch for sale. Some vinyls, cds, t-shirts, patches, also we made a small library with books from every domain and a freeshop. And with all the crew on board we started off the big “adventure” aaaarrrrgggh!!! Ha ha!!!

To name some bands that have played here at Atelier D.I.Y. :

Katma (Serbia)
Rivers Run Dry (Hungary)
Boredom (Austria)
This Routine is Hell (Netherlands)
Nihil Baxter (Germany)
Reflections of internal Rain (Serbia)
Bob Rooney (Germany)
Despite Everything (Greece)
Drip of Lies (Poland)

...and others.

To note and very important, is the fact that the so called new hope of the Romanian scene now, the band Stuck in Rut performed their very first show here.

And we are waiting for another hope of our scene , the band Mediocracy to perform their first show here at Atelier D.I.Y.

So as I said some bands are long gone but some still live on or just get born, full with anger, passion and pain of this everyday fucked up life.

Also check out bands like:


Coins As Portraits

The Bad Days Will End


Artwork: twilight13media

So this would be it about the scene here in Timisoara. And if you are wondering why I don’t know so much about the background of the of the Timisoara scene, it’s because of the simple fact that I’m not from here. I moved here for more or less personal reasons but I always liked the scene here and why not the city. So for me getting involved in this scene was like no question about it.

Hcmorethanmusic?! We say :”FUCK YEAH!!!”

Peace out

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