Thursday, 15 July 2010

Argentina - Rosario

I'm from Rosario (a city in Argentina) but I have a lot of friends from Buenos Aires and most of them are in a band.
The local scene here in Rosario is awesome. We're a few kids because the city is a little bit small. In the last years a friend has created DXN records and has bands from here...

Dar La Vida (influences of 108, Unbroken, Inside Out) This band kicks ass. There's 1 new song from the ep that comes out in a few days. I love this band. They are the only sxe band from Rosario.

El Camino Mas Dificil (sounds like American Nightmare, Count Me Out) This band have nice lyrics, very original. The sound is great. They have 1 ep, 1 album and more coming.

Knockout (sounds like Strife, Buried Alive, a little more mixed) is great, a lot of anger. Nice sound, nice shows, nice lyrics.

Discarne (kids between 17 and 20 years old hahaha, youth crew obviously) They are great, so much power and dedication about veganism.

Also recently we have a web from the local scene and it's pretty awesome.

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