Friday, 2 July 2010

Bulgaria 3

The fact is I actually am from a town in Bulgaria with no scene at all, not just hardcore but not really a single active band. So currently I live in Sofia and my mates are from the scene there and Plovdiv. I can only add the band I currently sing in which is called Everybody Hates This. It is formed by members of Redound and Melekh.

There are two straight edge bands which I think are not mentioned...

Strategy X


They are actually the only sxe bands in Bulgaria (they don't exist anymore actually) but it's hard to find some info. The guy that runs the DIY zine Straight From The Inside knows stuff about them.

I saw you've got a post including Santeria, one of the vocalists of this band which is no longer playing is in another band now. It is called Dan Koloff and it is one of the few female fronted beatdown bands.

And btw Vendetta are reunited and are playing again and working on new songs.

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