Friday, 23 July 2010

Italy 4

Italy 3

I'm from Parma and the local scene has started to revive after being stopped for a long time with some bands that don't refer to the old school so obviously..

In my town there's a rather famous recording studio that ''promotes'' emerging bands but it has a horrible ambience..full of drugs and if you haven't got friends in the studio it's almost impossible to join if it were only for the privileged..then again many prefer the way of DIY but it isn't easy.

So I think I remain among the few people here who still believe in the old it's more about money than passion..
The people who support the local scene are becoming less and for the bands it is difficult to escape from the niche..and this is a shame because there are bands that certainly deserve more..

November Third

We Sink

Photograhy: Davide Bona

Rise Above Dead

Artwork: Master Jack @ Eterno Riflesso

Set Me Free

The Secret

Smart Cops

La Crisi

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