Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Label - xHARDxTIMESx Records, Moscow

"xHARDxTIMESx is the first Russian straightedge distro/label that has grown up since 2003 when the first distribution section started at legendary website WWW.sXe.RU. It was founded to let people in Russia know and have complete information about the forefront of the world straightedge scene, to give access to the most important, most interesting news of straightedge life. Zines and CDs, books and T-shirts – everything available for people in Russia as well as in nearby countries. Moreover, the label releases and distributes the best russian stuff from the people and collectives most devoted to this culture.

xHARDxTIMESx are like-minded people, they have been in straightedge culture for a long time, some of them saw the first wave of the Moscow straightedge scene of late 1990s. These guys really take care of the values of straightedge culture and spread its true meaning. Here you can always find the newest and the most interesting stuff, but the label aims first of all for availability and simplicity of distributing, all profit is solely to expand the support and release of new materials – this is the main difference to other similar distros.

And one more thing to remember, hardcore and straightedge is not a fashion or popular party, it is what people live and create for, every idea here, words of every song, that musicians want to say, mean much more than inscriptions on patches and buttons and even more than X-s on our hands. Just do the things you believe in!"


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