Friday, 16 July 2010

Germany - West Saxony

We are from Meerane, a small town in West Saxony...the next biggest towns are Zwickau and Chemnitz.

In our area the scene is very small. It's a mixture of punk, hc and oi because there are not enough people for 3 different scenes.

Shows in our town are mostly illegal..we organise shows in our is a place for 30 - 40 people...bands from Sweden, Italy, France, Argentina have played there and in September a band from England...there are no promoters...the only venues are only our practiceroom and a small youthcentre.

In a few days a band from argentina are playing here...they are on a european tour and the big venues are not interested in making shows in the early part of the week, cause most kids only go on friday or saturday night to concerts...and so the small d.i.y. locations save the tourdates in the week...we take 3 euro entree and 1 euro for a beer. The entree goes to the band and from the money for beer we pay the catering for the bands...

The community is very small and 100% d.i.y.

The bands that represent our hxc scene well...


Rush for Winnipeg

Burundi Beatdown

The Busty Idiots

Eat My Fuck

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