Monday, 26 July 2010

Austria - Vienna 2

Austria - Vienna 1

I am from a small city near Vienna and go to the shows in Vienna.

I have read the blog and see you already have the important bands like the amazing Feeding Time, NGCS etc...

Here are some other bands although they are not directly from Vienna...



On With Life

Nec the singer from Mind Trap is putting on many hc shows in Vienna.
New Era

The Shelter has many shows...mostly the diy shows but a few months ago H2O played a little show there in front of 150 people amazing haha.

Then we have the Arena Wien..there are little shows (50-80 people) or in the big hall (400 people for Hatebreed, Terror etc.) but most people that go there are not involved in the diy scene.

I can say we have a good hc scene in Vienna. In other parts of Austria not the south you have more of a beatdown scene.

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