Monday, 12 July 2010

Peru - Lima

Peru 1

Lima is the capital city of Peru, almost everything concerning politics and the economy goes around this city. (Peru is a centralized country). I have played in a local band called ¨Nada que Ocultar¨ for about two months. Translated ¨Nothing to Hide¨, from an In my Eyes record haha.

We don’t have a defined scene, I mean, we cannot tell if our scene is a posi scene, or a crust scene, or a melodic hardcore scene, we just have shows organized by people who play in ¨hardcore¨ bands. Sometimes we do have shows where we can identify ¨themes¨ because of the bands playing. For me, this is good and bad. This is good because we get a variety of bands so we don’t get bored. It is bad because we can't have a coherent scene and its hard to make it stronger.

We don’t have ¨big¨ shows, I mean, we don’t get more than 100 people attending shows. Almost everyone at a show knows each other, in fact, almost everyone at shows are people that are playing at the show, or have played at least once at a hardcore show. It's really hard to see new faces. This has been the main problem since the 1980´s when everything started.

Throughout history, our hardcore scene has been weakened by ideas. It started with politics in the 80´s, almost every band started talking about politics (we were under a dictatorship). Then we had a turning point where a band (Gx3) started doing something more positive (at least that’s my point of view). Of course they were expelled from the scene for not being political and for being ¨too white¨ haha. By the 90´s, the scene got even weaker. However by 2000 and so on the scene started to grow.

Nowadays it’s a ¨friendly scene¨ , I mean, we are all friends, although we don’t agree in every aspect (straight edge, vegan, etc) we all like the same bands and we have fun at shows. We are few but I think that now we are growing. We´ve had some good shows with important bands here (Have Heart, Bane, Comeback Kid, Agnostic Front, Madball, Shipwreck AD) so definitely we are being taken into account. Since I've been attending hardcore shows (2005) I've noticed that every year we get more shows with better equipment. Our economy, as a country, is getting better so its easier to get better equipment to play (drum kits, amplifiers, etc). I would consider that our scene is in a growing phase so I don’t know if that’s a good scene or not but at least we are getting stronger.

These are some of the bands that always play at the shows as representatives...


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Trascender RIP

Conflicto Urbano

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