Sunday, 18 July 2010

Ireland - Galway

Only Fumes & Corpses-one of the longer running bands from Galway who have gotten their name out there and toured the UK and Europe a good few times. The last EP " Read What's In Between" got great reviews so they must be doing something right. They play hardcore with a modern edge but also experiment with some d-beat, crust, dub, metal or whatever else they fancy. New album " Who Really Cares, What Really Lasts" will be out in July.

Stick Around- rising from the ashes of Cut The Reins and featuring 2 of their members alongside 2 of the kids from Beanz On Toast these lads play pop-punk with a serious dose of hardcore. Raspy/shouty vocals with loads of melody and all played super fast. Expect recordings before autumn.

Bacchus-heavy, progressive crust/hardcore. Sometimes moody and atmospheric and then suddenly in to straight forward d-beat. They have released a 3 track Cd and also a split with Burning The Prospect. New recordings before the end of the year I'd say.

Artwork: Glynn Scrawled

Trenches- sludgy, doomy and experimental with 3 guitarists. Seriously mezmerising and really heavy. They had a demo about 2 years ago but since then have been joined by a bassist and 3rd guitarist and have just been to the studio. The new recordings should be out over the summer and they are also planning a split with Drainland.

Kid-Oh- new band featuring members of loads of other bands. Short, fast old school hardcore and punk with two vocalists. Simple and catchy as hell apparently.

Gummidge- played their first gig in May and are tight as hell already. Members of Fumes, Trenches, Easpa Measa playing slightly angular, loud, noisey yet catchy tunes. Hard to pigeon hole them but I'd say that was always the plan..

Neifenbach-2 girls and 3 guys playing the heaviest stuff to come from Galway in a long time. Downtuned metal influenced hardcore drawingits influences from Kylesa, Tragedy, Cancer Bats, Pantera and all things black metal or 90's English hardcore. They just released the "Reason Will Falter" Ep and hope to return to the studio before the end of the year.

AntiTrust- Youngish 3 piece from the bogs east of Galway. Mixing modern hardcore with the stuff your older brother might listed to. Just been to the studio so expect some songs on their myspace soon.

Rites-Sluge/doom is what they describe themselves as. Sounds like rockin stoner metal to me though. Just got a new drummer and they sound better than ever. Hitting the studio soon too.

Them Martyrs- until recently this long running hardcore bands were called Les Christpunchers but with a second guitarist and almost a completely new set list they changed their names. Have toured Ireland at least 3 times this year already. They were recently recording in France so we can expect a release from them in the next few months.

Evidence Of Decay- Tebs (Them Martyrs), Daniel (Only Fumes & Corpses), Meat (Trenches) and Kenn (Easpa Measa) playing rockin' d-beat/crust/punk. Loads of solos, drinking etc...

Nevernoodz-Brand new band playing punk/pop-punk

Section 4- Not so active punk/dub messers. Full album recorded last year but still not out.

Blackeye Express-catchy punk/rock/post something or other. Debut demo just out

Beanz On Toast-Youngish punks who just released their debut album. Amazing catchy punk/hc/ska

Blasterbra - sweet pop/rock/punk with lady vocals.

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