Sunday, 11 July 2010

UK - Glasgow

There’s a good chunk of us putting on shows and playing in bands up here in Glasgow. Reading through a lot of the other posts in this blog, there seems to be a lot of people feeling down about how little is going on in their city. I’ve heard a lot of whining about Glasgow too, especially after the GHC thing a few years back quietened down (fuck dubstep). I remember reading an article in an issue of Heartattack where some girl wrote about Glasgow and instead of speaking about what was going on here she wrote some semi-ironic dirge about how much she wished she lived in the US. Poser.

A metric shitton of people come out to shows in Glasgow. Its rad that smaller bands like Facel Vega can pull a 70-ish strong crowd at a house show and go on their way with plenty of petrol cash. Literally every show I’ve put on this year has been packed the fuck out. Awesome. The main folk putting on d.i.y. hardcore shows up here are the Unthank collective, This is Our Battlefield and Hansei diy. Considering how hard it can be to convince bands to travel right up to Scotland, a lot of rad bands are making it up here on their tours and I’ve only been to (I think) one show that hasn’t been busy in the last year or so.

Some local bands that are worth getting into are...


Clocked Out

Jackie Onassis



Mesa Verde


Black Channels

Carson Wells (Aberdeen)

By My Hands

It's also worth checking out Broken Oath – probably the best Glasgow hardcore band ever. They’re reforming for a last ever show this August. Be there.

Even though we have our share of money-grabber bullshit fake-hardcore and metalcore bands up here (just like anywhere else in the UK), DIY is definitely going strong.


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