Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Malaysia - Klang Valley & Kuala Lumpur

The hardcore scene in Malaysia is getting bigger and bigger..proof to that..there are many international bands from other countries who come to Malaysia on tour.. RUINER, HAVE HEART, PARKWAY DRIVE, NO TURNING BACK, CARPATHIAN, not to forget BOLD the legendary youth crew hardcore and many more..

The most important band from Malaysia that you guys need to know is SECOND COMBAT..a very talented band..they have already toured Europe..you guys should listen to all their releases espcially WHAT HAS INSPIRED US..I never get bored of it..

KIDS ON THE MOVE..I am fucking in love with this band..go listen to THE BLAME song..
fucking fantastic..this band is kinda melodic..

RESTRAINT..I'm not very into this band..but this band is good though..they sound like Hatebreed maybe..some people call them the MALAYSIAN HATEBREED..

Artwork: Feroze

CHANNEL X RIP..nothing to say about them..just what Youth Crew hardcore should sound like..

HOME RUN..this band is new..very talented youth crew hardcore..most of the line-up are from Channel X..so it's kind of a rebirth of CHANNEL X but they are not the same..go listen to them..

Artwork: xslabax

STANDING TOGETHER..this is not a band..it is a fanzine run by HOME RUN vocalist..

Of course KUALA LUMPUR, also known as KL, has the biggest hardcore scene in Malaysia compared to other cities..KL is our capital city..many talented bands come from KL..other cities that have good hardcore scenes are Melaka, Johor and Bharu..

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