Friday, 23 July 2010

Mexico 2

Great report from Esteban who is in PxLxGx...

Mexico 1

Well there is a lot to hear in Mexico!
Great bands for me:

Picking up the Pieces (Mexico City)

Design: xkatanax


Senda de Honor (Guadalajara Jalisco)

Understand (Mexico City)

Propia Actitud

Liberate (Vegan edge, Monterrey)

Nazareno El Violento actually a great new band with a big influence of Converge and Ringworm

Artwork: Micosik

Here in Yucatan, there are 2 legendary bands of hardcore punk old school!

NiƱos Suburbanos

Brigada Esperanza (my favorite)


There is also this awesome band from my city...

Ira Entre Cenizas RIP - melodic Hardcore/crust punk

There is one label that looks after all of latin america and part of europe, Decision Personal Records. I think it is the biggest in latin/spanish hardcore.

Saludos/cheers from Mexico!

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