Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Puerto Rico

It's sad to say but the puertorican hardcore scene is pretty much broken and dying, compared to other places I've gone to shows and shit. The bands here don't get paid anything at all, venues try to take all the money away from the few promoters that remain doing shows, most of them quit after they got indebted up to their eyeballs. The few bands that remain are pretty great though and the few people that go to shows really show their support. The main problem right now is the economy, the government here is extremely corrupt and they are pretty much focusing on campaigns and shit instead of creating diverse projects to reboot our economy, this is a real drag.

Still a lot of bands get enough exposure to stay alive and I have to say, for being a small country there is so much talent around. There are a lot of straight edge followers. I could say most of the people that go to shows are straight edge which is really great even though I don't share the same lifestyle. If you want to you can check out some bands...

Abismo Nuclear: Thrash, Doom, Metal

Andy's Revenge: Hardcore

KDC: Punk, Hardcore

Un Final Fatal - El Buen Rock

Tropiezo: Hardcore Punk
These dudes are extremely fucking good, plus they have toured all over the world and have been around for years and years, their discography is extensive and extremely intense, think of them like the caribbean Black Flag.

Back in the Day: Crossover, Punk, Thrash
The frontman of this band is the administrator for the prhc forums and he is one of the few who are working to keep this alive, bringing bands from overseas to come over and play.

There are actually a lot of bands coming out but most of them suck ass, play two shows and then call it quits, most of them think they'll get money from playing locally which is not the case, blame Hollywood for that one.

There are also a couple of home studios...they aren't the only ones but the major ones.

Dance Dance Records, owned by the drummer from Juventud Crasa, very professional straight up dude.

Discos de Hoy is a record distro turned recording label that is spearheaded by the members of Tropiezo.

Southground Studios have been established by a friend of mine. I worked with him for a while, very very professional with a diverse team.

Anyways I just wish more diverse bands would turn up.

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